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Get started with Calendar for Jira

Welcome to Calendar for Jira Cloud - App Documentation

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Calendar for Jira is a dynamic application designed to integrate a versatile calendar feature into your Jira account. It empowers you to schedule, organize, and monitor your work duties and meetings seamlessly within the Jira environment. This application is particularly advantageous for businesses utilizing Jira for project management, providing a centralized hub to oversee team progression and deadlines.

Benefits of Calendar for Jira

Streamlined Organization: Simplify your workday with Calendar for Jira, allowing you to seamlessly schedule and monitor your tasks and meetings within Jira. This will aid in managing your workload effectively.

Boosted Productivity: Having all your tasks and meetings in one accessible location negates the need to juggle between various tools and systems, saving time and augmenting productivity.

Improved Team Collaboration: Calendar for Jira promotes team synergy by enabling members to share their schedules and synchronize their tasks. This fosters better communication and cooperation within your team.

Flexible Customization: Adapt your calendar view and settings to fit your business requirements with Calendar for Jira, providing you with optimal control and adaptability over your work agenda.

In summary, Calendar for Jira is a robust application crafted to help your business maintain a high level of organization, productivity, and collaboration.

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