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Quick filters

Quick Filters help you further filter the tasks that appear on your Calendar. As a result, you can display only those tasks that you need now.

For example, tasks of subordinates or tasks in a certain status.


Quick filter

JQL query

Assignee filter

assignee = User

Assignees filter

assignee in (User, User2)

Only My Issues

assignee = currentUser()

Only Active Issues

resolution is EMPTY

Priority Blocker

priority = Blocker

SLA breached

"Time to first response" = everBreached()

Following our privacy policy for cloud applications, we do not store user data, so when creating filters, you can see expressions like

assignee = 5a2ec45fea6e3d228dd3b1c0

How to configure quick filters:

  1. First, go to your Calendar, then select Quick filters > Manage quick filters.

  2. For example, create quick filters, as described in the table above, or create your own.


Join type: You can choose how the filters will behave when two or more filter conditions are selected.

AND - Check this option if you want to extend your filter. For example, show issues labeled test and labeled test 2 simultaneously.

OR - This filter will expand your selection. For example, you want to see tasks with critical priority and tasks with blocking priority on the same Calendar.

User filter

There are always fields of users - reporter or assignee in your issues. By these fields, you can filter your Calendar with one click.
Select the user's avatar and click on it.
Now you only see tasks for this user.

The search bar is the fastest way to limit your Calendar to only those events that match your search word or phrase.
The search is conducted by the name of the events/issues.

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