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Recurring events

It makes it easy to repeat events on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly… or even a custom schedule.

Add recurrent events

For example, you can schedule a recurring meeting with a team or set a reminder for equipment maintenance.

  1. Choose Add Event or Double-click on the Calendar view

  2. Type the name of your Event will be used when displayed in the calendar

  3. Select the calendar on which the event will be created

  4. Select the type of event you'd like to add from the Type drop-down

  5. Specify the start and end dates for your event.

  6. Choose the option to select how often to repeat your event often from the available ones.

  7. Choose an option when the repetition of your event is completed, or leave the event endless. Note after this date. The event will no longer be generated.

  8. Select users who participate in the event

  9. Click Create

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