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Create meeting room

let's create the first meeting room. Users with create permission of location can create rooms.

  • Name - You should name the room so that your employees understand it.

  • Address - The room is located by the Green Palm next to the seat of the Fred Sysadmin.

  • Room capacity - How many people are comfortable meeting in a room?

  • Options - What equipment and amenities are available in your room?

  • The start and end dates - are the dates when your room is open for reservations.

  • Room notes - This is additional information that needs to be communicated to the bookers, for example, about the existing restrictions.

  • Room photo - helps to understand what you are booking clearly. Does the room meet your requirements?

  • Room bookers - people who can book a room.

Room bookers feature often needed to restrict room access to certain people. Top management room. Training room. Psychologist's room.
All staff cannot book these rooms.

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