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Events Reminders

Reminders are important to encourage you to complete your events at the right time and help you not forget about your most important tasks. Your reminder will notify you by sending an email message.
You yourself can specify the time for which you should be warned about the event.
Reminders can be used in various situations so that you do not forget about meeting with the team, checking the logs on the server, or do not forget to water the flower on the desktop.

Attention, to date, notifications work only for events and do not work for issues.

  1. Click on the three points to the right of the name of the calendar for which reminders you want to receive.

2. Configure how long before your event you want to receive an email notification. (Default 10 minutes before the event) Click on the "gear" icon to open the settings panel.

Event notifications - We will send you a reminder in advance. For how much, specify yourself.

All-day event notifications - Such events take up all day, and you need to indicate how many days before the event and at what time you need to be notified.

Event Reminder Example 

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