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Calendar Gadget

How to add calendar Gadget to Jira Dashboard

To add the Calendar gadget to your Jira dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Add a new gadget" on your dashboard

  2. Search for the gadget named "Calendar"

  3. Click "Add Gadget"

  4. Select "Calendar" from the list of options

  5. Select the desired calendar view

  6. Click "Save"

Now you can make a read-only dashboard gadget. The data on it will be available for viewing only.

How to add calendar Gadget to Confluence

You can publish your calendars on important pages in confluence. For example, the schedule of vacations or meetings will always be in front of your eyes.

To get started, follow these steps.

  1. Start adding calendar gadget on your Jira dashboard.

  2. Copy the xml link to your gadget to use it in Сonfluence:

  3. Go to external gadgets settings in your Сonfluence. https://BASEURL/admin/viewgadgetdirectory.action?activeTab=gadgets
    Where BASEURL is URL of your Confluence.

  4. Past Xml link from point 2 to “Gadget Specification URL" field and create new external gadget.

  5. Create a new page in confluence and try inserting your new macro. It will be available in the menu item "Other Macros".

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