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Create your own eisenhower matrix

To create a matrix, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Create matrix" or Click “Select existing" to select a matrix already created for you

2. What will be your priority matrix name?

3. Now we need to choose the source of the issues. Such a source may be:

  • Jira projects

  • Filters

  • Search JQL-query

4. Well, now we need to decide which priorities in the issues correspond to which segments in the matrix.

To do this, use drag and drop, just drag the existing priority to the desired square of your matrix.

Please note that each square can be called as you like.
e.g. An important and urgent task can be called: Do it Now, Fateful, Paramount, Of fundamental importance.

5. The matrix is almost created, now you can share it with colleagues. There are 2 access levels for this:

  • User - Can view the matrix and plan work in it.

  • Admin - Can view the matrix, plan work in it and change matrix settings

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