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Managing Data Privacy in ICS Exports

Excluding Projects from Exports

To protect sensitive information, administrators can now exclude specific projects from being included in ICS exports. This feature is crucial for maintaining data privacy, especially for projects that contain confidential information.

How to Exclude Projects from Exports

  1. Go to the export settings in Calendar for Jira.

  2. In the "Exclude projects from exports" section, select the projects you want to exclude.

  3. Confirm your selection to apply the exclusion.



Export Audit Log

Administrators can monitor all active exports through an audit log. This log provides detailed information about each export, including the user who initiated it, the calendar being exported, and the timestamp of the last use.

How to Access the Export Audit Log

  1. Navigate to the "Active exports" tab in the export settings.

  2. Review the list of active exports, including user details and timestamps.

  3. Optionally, you can deactivate any export if necessary.



Revoking Active Exports

If an export is no longer needed or was created in error, administrators have the ability to revoke active exports. This ensures that only necessary exports remain active, helping maintain control over data distribution.

How to Revoke Active Exports

  1. Navigate to the "Active exports" tab in the export settings.

  2. Identify the export you wish to revoke.

  3. Click on the "Deactivate" button next to the export entry.

  4. Confirm the deactivation to revoke the export.

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